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At this point we would like to give you an overview of your possibilities to make use of our support and services. If you have any questions, problems or suggestions for further development, we are happy to help.

You will receive information about updates of our products, such as the xtMail Suite, as a newsletter directly in your email inbox. You can subscribe to it here.

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Questions, problems or suggestions for further development

In these cases, feel free to send us an email at We will reply to you with an e-mail or you can also track your requests directly in our ticket system.

Our ticket system

We use the Freshdesk ticket system to process customer inquiries. You can also register here as an option, which gives you access to knowledge articles or your inquiry history, for example. You can access the portal at the following URL:

Please note our privacy policy.

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We are happy to be there for you

We would be happy to present our solutions to you in detail in a web presentation. Also for all other concerns, you can also reach us directly at:

Or you can use our contact form.

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