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Add-On xtMail Suite for SAP

Our Add-On xtMail Suite for SAP is a complete solution for sending your business documents directly from SAP.

The xtMail Suite offers very flexible configuration options for setting recipients, automatically inserting e-mail text depending on document data and adding additional attachments. In addition, all data can be revised by the user directly in the SAP business document.

The xtMail Suite can be used for many document types in SAP modules such as MM, SD, FI, QM or PP and is compatible with classic ECC as well as S/4HANA.

We would be happy to show you the solution in detail in a web presentation.

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Sending mail to any recipient

With the extensive recipient determination, you can send your e-mails to several recipients (normal, CC, BCC).

The automatic finding can be set very flexibly and the address can be taken over from numerous sources. In this way, you can also reach an e-mail to contact persons maintained in the customer or vendor.

If necessary, it is also possible to manually revise the recipients directly from the SAP document at any time.

The sender e-mail address can also be freely set.

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Subject and mail text as desired

Both the subject and the text of the mail can be freely defined via customizing and can be dynamically filled with placeholders. For this purpose, e.g. Data from the current document or the SAP user is available. Of course, all texts can also be stored internationally in several languages.

If necessary, the subject and mail text can also be revised from the SAP document in order to send the business partner important information directly in the text.

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Send additional attachments by e-mail

Through a comprehensive attachment determination, you can find additional attachments and have them sent automatically. It almost doesn't matter where these documents are originally stored, whether terms and conditions or technical drawings from the SAP material master - the documents are found as desired and transferred to the e-mail.

Attachments can also be revised in the dialog on request. Users can also attach ad hoc local files to the email.

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E-mail attachments from BOM explosion

If you work with bills of materials (BOM) in SAP, we can explode them on request and collect documents such as technical drawings from all materials in the BOM. So your supplier always has the current status.

If you work with very large BOMs, we also optionally check whether the currently released version of a document has already been sent to a supplier in the past and in this case do not resend the document.

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We are happy to be there for you

We would be happy to present our solutions to you in detail in a web presentation. Also for all other concerns, you can also reach us directly at:

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